Listen, Your Furniture Talks!

I know it is weird, but I can’t paint a piece of furniture until it speaks to me. Sometimes it’s pretty quick and other times it takes awhile. I fell in love with this dresser at the thrift store in Naples. I just knew I could do something with it. Before you judge me for painting a beautiful wood dresser, please note two things. One, the top was all messed up with scratches and damage. Two, I paint furniture, if you disagree with me, my blog is probably not for you. 🙂

So, I have had this dresser sitting in my back warehouse waiting for me to decide how to paint it. It has been cleaned and the pulls removed for a few months now. Well, Tuesday I went in to the shop and pulled it out to my painting area near my Dixie Belle retail paint display. I like to be able to show customers how easy DB paint is to use. I stood back and stared at it and she spoke to me!!! I knew finally how to paint her!!!

I decided I was going to get creative and mix/blend a few colors. I chose DB Gravel Road, Farmhouse Green and Buttercream. I just started playing and enjoying myself. I find myself getting lost when painting, it is so relaxing to me! I never know how things are going to turn out until I am finished. Sometimes I like what I create and other times I absolutely dislike what I create. (Good news is that if you don’t like it, you just paint over it!!)

I will have to say this time I LOVE the way it turned out! I am so glad I didn’t rush my dresser months ago and waited for her to speak to me!!

I used Gatorhide to seal it. Not because I had to, it is just my go to sealer. I finished it and put on the floor the next morning and that very afternoon it sold. She told me she had been looking for a dresser for a very long time and finally found exactly what she was looking for! I can’t ask for more than that!


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