Ugly Duckling

Has this ever happened to you, you see a piece of furniture and you just know it can be beautiful? You look at it and see a magnificent piece of solid wood, quality and a piece that has several more years left. Where others look at it and say you are crazy!!!!

Here is my latest project.

The back leg was coming apart from the back exposing the dowels needed to hold it together.

The top was worn from many years of use.

Some people would look at this project and think that they need to sand the top, which is a lot of work. However, with Dixie Belle Paint you can just clean the surface and paint!

This is just one coat of Dixie Belle Stormy Seas. This is a pretty color and all but I felt like it could be some much more! So I decided to add some depth. I added Haint Blue and Midnight Sky. Using my Dixie Belle oval medium brush and mister, I went to town! After I was done, I used Gatorhide to seal it.

What do you think? Do you think I should have left it just the one color or do you like the blending?

We will be holding classes on blending at the shop. Please refer to our website Pickin’ Boots Vintage for more information or to purchase any of the products used.


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