I Just Can’t….

Okay, I am trying but I just can’t. I am in love with the Patina line from Dixie Belle that makes anything rusty, crusty with natural looking patina. You can really create some beautiful pieces using it. It works on all surfaces, like glass, metal, wood, ceramic, etc. There is actually metal fragments in the paint to create the chemical reaction when you put on the patina spray.

However, I have a real hard time seeing it put on a wood dresser. My mind works like this: “Wood doesn’t rust! Why is a dresser rusting???” Now, don’t get me wrong the pieces I have seen are gorgeous, but my mind still tells me wood doesn’t rust! AND I have even created a FORD sign made from wood that was made to look like an old rusty tailgate. For some reason I can accept this, but not a dresser rusting.

So I decided to try something… This is the closest I can get to rust on a dresser/wood cabinet. I have this old kitchen dough table.

I knew I needed to make it look old. So I painted it one layer in Dixie Belle Gravel Road.

Then I started to blend some other colors to make it looked aged. I used Fluff, Putty, Buttercream.

However, the fun came when I used the Dixie Belle patina products!

I am not totally against the rust on a wood dresser, I am surely going to try it when I find the right piece. But for now, I will settle with what my brain understands….. 🙂


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